Friday, 24 September 2010

More about Guests from the RULE

Let there be a separate kitchen for the Abbot and guests,that the brethren may not be disturbed when guests,who are never lacking in a monastery,arrive at irregular hours.Let two brethren capable of filling the office well be appointed for a year to have charge of this kitchen. Let them be given such help as they need, that they may serve without murmuring.And on the other hand,when they have less to occupy them,let them go out to whatever work is assigned them.
And not only in their case but in all the offices of the monasterylet this arrangement be observed,that when help is needed it be supplied,and again when the workers are unoccupied they do whatever they are bidden.
The guest house also shall be assigned to a brother whose soul is possessed by the fear of God.Let there be a sufficient number of beds made up in it; and let the house of God be managed by prudent men and in a prudent manner.
On no account shall anyone who is not so orderedassociate or converse with guests.But if he should meet them or see them,let him greet them humbly, as we have said,ask their blessing and pass on, saying that he is not allowed to converse with a guest.

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